Why Summer Is the Perfect Time To Consider An Umbrella Policy

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time To Consider An Umbrella Policy

The summer is here, grab your umbrella – umbrella insurance policy that is – and enjoy sun-filled days and carefree nights.

Ah – sweet, sweet summertime. The days are long, the temperatures are rising, the pool is open, school is out, and the weekends are booking up fast.

If outdoor entertaining is the cornerstone of your plans this summer, investing in comfortable outdoor furniture and a premier propane-fueled grill is a must. However, there is one more thing we think you’ll want to consider before you host your next shindig – an umbrella policy.

That’s right – a personal umbrella insurance policy.

Once you understand what this comprehensive and cost-effective coverage can protect you and your family from this season, we think you’ll agree that umbrella insurance is this year’s hottest summer accessory.

What is umbrella insurance, and what does it cover?

A personal umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage above and beyond the limits of your home, condo, or car insurance policies. This extra financial protection is particularly helpful if you or a member of your family find yourself involved in a costly injury or property damage lawsuit. Additionally, most umbrella policies may cover the cost of legal fees, false arrest, libel, and slander.

Over the years, we have found that the extra protection of a personal umbrella insurance policy makes sense for most of our customers, and the reasoning behind that is quite simple. Accidents are just that accidents, and they can happen at any time and to anyone, no matter how averse you are to risk.

However, some activities and hobbies, particularly those that occur during the summer, are notably riskier than others. For example, if you have a swimming pool, fire pit, or hot tub in your backyard, we strongly encourage you to safeguard yourself and your hard-earned assets with an umbrella policy.

Or, if you are someone who loves toys that go fast, like a boat, jet ski, ATV, or motorcycle, or that travel far, such as an RV or camper – you guessed it – an umbrella policy is perfect for you too. But our list doesn’t stop there. If you own a dog, have a teen driver at home, hired a mother’s helper or nanny to support you during summer vacation, or built up an ample savings account, an umbrella policy may make sense for you as well.

If something terrible were to happen this summer, an umbrella insurance policy would provide you with much needed financial protection and peace of mind.

No one ever plans for or likes to think that something bad will happen at a family BBQ or while enjoying the pool or hot tub with neighbors and friends, but the possibility of a mishap is very real. We’ve compiled four plausible scenarios where an umbrella insurance policy could be the financial lifeline you didn’t know you needed this summer.

Scenario #1:

Your neighbor decides to dive into your above ground swimming pool and breaks his hip on impact. He opts to take legal action, suing you, the homeowner, and the pool manufacturer for damages.

Scenario #2:

You allow your little ones and their closest friends to engage in a supervised water balloon fight in the backyard one hot afternoon. Despite asking them to abstain from running, one of your little guests gets overexcited and begins to sprint. Subsequently, he trips over a garden hose, lands in your rhododendron bush, and pokes his eye, severely damaging his cornea. His parents decide to take you and your husband to court to pay for his medical bills.

Scenario #3:

This summer is the first time you rented out your second home in the Berkshires. Your tenant claims that she became sick from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty furnace and names you as a responsible party in her pending lawsuit.

Scenario #4:

Your son is the first of his friends to receive his driver’s license. Excited about his new-found freedom, you agree to let him drive your family SUV to pick up a group of his buddies so they can all watch a movie across town. While driving home, he lost control of the car and struck a tree, injuring the front seat passenger. Unfortunately, the injured party spent over a month in the hospital with serious injuries. You just received notification in the mail that litigation is expected.

Thankfully, none of these scenarios are “real,” but they are sadly not entirely fiction either. These are freak accidents that can financially ruin a family without the proper insurance plan in place.

Enjoy summer carefree with an umbrella policy from McClure Insurance.

The McClure team has been safeguarding local individuals and families from misfortune for over 90 years. During that time, we have written our fair share of umbrella policies. We have found that most of our customers find significant peace of mind after purchasing an umbrella policy with an extra $1 million in liability coverage for less than $1 a day.

We are here and happy to protect you and your family any season of the year. To request a personal umbrella insurance quote or get to know one of our dedicated team members, give us a call at (413) 781-8711.

McClure Insurance is here for you for the long-term.