Condo Insurance

McClure Insurance will meet all of your needs for Condo Insurance in West Springfield, Wilbraham, Chicopee and throughout Western MA.

We understand that condo living is truly unique. You are free from the worries of lawn maintenance, snow removal, heavy repairs, and other issues that can often burden a homeowner. In addition, you have a community of like-minded people, access to beautiful amenities, and you have the privacy of your own unit with the control to really make your place a “home” in every sense of the word. This is a very special lifestyle that requires a specific kind of insurance policy that the agents at McClure Insurance are experts at designing.

As you probably are well aware, your condo association has a master insurance policy, but what you may not realize is that it only goes so far in covering your property. You are responsible for insuring your unit from the walls inward, which includes your furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics and other personal belongings. You may want to add special protection to your policy to cover high-value items, such as fine art, jewelry, collectibles and antiques, or upgrades you’ve made to cabinetry or appliances. Your policy can also be amended to provide costs of alternative living quarters should your unit become uninhabitable due to a covered loss. Our goal with every customer is to increase their awareness about the limitations of their association’s policy and ensure that anything of importance to you is protected by your personal condo insurance policy.

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You may qualify for discounts on your Condo Insurance if you:

  • Bundle Auto & Home with the same insurance carrier

  • Install a security system

  • Use smoke detectors

  • Use deadbolt locks

  • Have a good credit score

  • Are over 55 years old

Ask your condo association about their Master Policy

Photo of inside a loft with upscale furnishingsAs we prepare your condo insurance policy, McClure Insurance will want to understand coverages provided by your condo association’s insurance policy. Every condo complex has different rules so it is important for you to ask the right questions:

  • What does the Master Policy say about which parts of the complex are insured through association dues, and which parts are not?

  • How expensive is the association’s deductible?

  • Does the association’s policy include flood and wind damage or ice dams?

  • What is the liability coverage for accidents to a guest on common property?

The more we know about your condo association’s policy, the more thorough we can be in making sure any gaps in coverage are taken care of by your own personal condo insurance policy.

McClure Insurance is here for you for the long-term.