Business Insurance Overview

Find Solutions for All of Your Business Insurance Needs at McClure Insurance

McClure Insurance has served businesses in Springfield MA and the surrounding communities for nearly 90 years. We are the area’s experts at finding optimal business insurance solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, that are specifically tailored to their needs.

Whether we’re finding you a niche insurance product, staying abreast of developments in your marketplace, or helping you settle a claim, we will pay personal and detailed attention to you and your needs. McClure Insurance never stops working hard to keep your business. We look forward to finding out more about you, your company, where you are now, and where it is you want to grow.

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McClure Insurance provides affordable commercial auto insurance to small, mid-sized and large corporations across a wide variety of industries.

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We use experience and expertise to secure your business a broad range of high quality property insurance options from the top carriers.

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With extraordinary service and expert guidance, our team helps you select a menu of employee benefits that fits your desired investment.

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First, we take a detailed risk analysis approach to identify exposures. Then, we find insurance products for your specific needs and budget.

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You’ll find that McClure Insurance has a full range of bond offerings that give you financial protection and help you get the job done.

McClure Insurance is here for you for the long-term.