What Is Wedding Insurance?

What Is Wedding Insurance?

You’ve been planning this day your whole life, PROTECT IT.

The Wedding Protector Plan

So much has been invested in planning your dream wedding. Though you might not want to think about it, disasters can strike your wedding day. From a sudden cancellation to stolen gifts to a damaged gown, wedding insurance can help protect you against the unforeseen, and can also afford you great peace of mind.

Wedding insurance helps make things right when something goes wrong.

Personal finance experts recommend when planning a wedding, couples consult with an insurance agent first. The Wedding Protector Plan is an insurance policy that offers financial protection if certain unfortunate, unforeseen events occur. Today’s weddings have an average price tag of $30,000. Of course, couples are squarely focused on their special day, not on what could go wrong. Yet, it is all too common to lose a high-dollar deposit due to an unforeseen event.

It protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control, and reimburses expenses incurred. For example, what if there is a major storm which prevents the bride, groom, or the majority of the guests from reaching the premises where the wedding is to take place? What if the bride’s custom-made gown is lost in airport baggage, and she has to buy a new one the day before the wedding? What if your venue goes out of business and you lose your deposit and have to book another? These are the types of wedding day financial losses that wedding insurance can help to protect.

Every insurance policy and every wedding scenario is different. We will walk you through the policy and explain the details.



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