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Having a home or renters insurance policy is crucial to ensuring that you, your family, and your most valuable possessions are protected. Our team of dedicated insurance professionals has been a part of the West Springfield MA community for decades, and works one-on-one with our clients to provide the highest-quality renters and home insurance coverage in the area. In our opinion, it’s crucial to not only work with an insurance agency that has a deep and thorough understanding of the industry but also a great understanding of the geographic area. Our team of dedicated professionals at McClure will stay focused on fulfilling your needs with the most comprehensive homeowners and renters insurance solutions. We have proudly advised generations of clients and look forward to the opportunity to help you and your family as well. You can trust our team of professionals will find you the best insurance coverage for the place where you reside in West Springfield MA.

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  • Home Insurance in West Springfield MA

  • Homeowners Protection

  • Renters Insurance in West Springfield MA

  • Condo Coverage

  • Water Damage & Flood Protection

  • Condo Association Coverage

  • Car Coverage

  • And Much More!

Home Insurance in West Springfield MA

When clients choose to work with McClure for their homeowners coverage we are very aware that they have placed a considerable amount of trust in us to make sure that their number one investment will be protected. Therefore, our team of skilled insurance agents always take a very personalized, collaborative approach in helping a client identify the best options for home insurance in West Springfield MA. Our first priority is always to first get to know you and develop an understand of your particular needs. Then, we take a comprehensive look at any current policies you may have to see where they may fall short. Last of all, our team takes up a genuine interest in where your future priorities are as well. Perhaps you are thinking about downsizing, renovating your existing home, or maybe even buying a vacation property? If we understand not only your short-term goals but also where you hope to be in the future, we can identify the best home insurance plans for your needs now while also making sure that we will be able to adapt your policy down the line for future life changes. Now that you’ve found us, choosing affordable home insurance in West Springfield MA that offers detailed coverage for everything you want protected, is going to be easy, and stress-free.

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Renters Insurance for West Springfield MA Residents

A photo of a laptop sitting on a couch, valuable items that are generally protected by Renters Insurance in West Springfield MAOur team at McClure specializes in finding West Springfield MA renters, like you, the highest-quality, affordable renters insurance coverage. Your landlord likely has insurance protection on your apartment or home’s structure, but many renters don’t realize that this will not cover all of the items you possess. Regardless of the type of condo, home, or apartment you are leasing, you are the one responsible for protecting items such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. The first step is to ensure that you understand the value of all your valuable items. If you do not have a current estimate of the worth of your belongings, McClure Insurance can help you establish the value of important items such as your smart phone, laptop or tablet, bicycle, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, linens, footwear, purses and handbags, and any other important possessions. With this information in hand, we will be able to recommend the proper renters insurance in West Springfield MA that will ensure that your possessions will be covered in the event of a theft, a fire, or other unfortunate circumstance.

To put together your list of valuables before connecting with one of our renters insurance advisors, we would suggest the free home inventory website, www.knowyourstuff.org. Always having an up-to-date home inventory will make filing an insurance claim faster and easier and also help your McClure agent recognize if you need more coverage than what the standard renters insurance plan provides. In addition, if you are an ideal candidate, our team of experts can advise you on increasing your coverage with personal umbrella coverage. You may not have realized it before, but there are a number of different situations that a comprehensive policy for renters insurance in West Springfield MA will protect against. Let the experts at McClure Insurance share our decades of knowledge, experience and advice and walk you through the process of finding the renters insurance coverage that is right for you.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

When choosing to contact our team for help with your renters insurance needs, we will connect you with a skilled professionals with only one objective; to protect you, your family, your home, and your valuables. Our company has partnered with some of the leading national insurance companies to be able to provide you with a comprehensive collection of home and renters insurance products to meet your unique needs. You can trust in our team at McClure to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience, which includes being by your side should you ever have to file a claim, responding to any questions you have thoroughly and in a timely-manner, and keeping you informed of any industry happening that could affect you or your policy. At McClure, our mission is to build long-term relationships, employ the most talented team members, and serve you and the West Springfield MA community now and into the future. We’ve been serving people like you in for over 50 years and we would be privileged to support you with your renters or home insurance needs, too.

McClure Insurance is here for you for the long-term.