Hands-Free When Driving In Massachusetts, It’s the Law!

Hands-Free When Driving In Massachusetts, It’s the Law!

Learn About the New Hands-Free Driving Law In Massachusetts

Effective 2/23/2020, the new “hands-free” law in MA makes it illegal for motor vehicle and bicycle operators to hold any electronic device or phone, including when stopped at red lights or stop signs! All devices must be properly mounted and can only be used in hands-free mode. Penalties start at $100 and go up to $500 PLUS mandatory distracted driving education AND an insurance surcharge.

Summarized key points:

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Drivers 18 and Over:

  • Can ONLY use electronic devices and mobile phones in hands-free mode
  • CANNOT touch phone except to activate the hands-free mode or enable GPS, and then ONLY if the device is installed or properly mounted to the windshield, dashboard, or center console in a manner that does not impede the operation of the motor vehicle.
  • CANNOT touch the device for texting, emailing, apps, video, or internet use
  • Can use voice-to-text communication to electronic devices ONLY when device is properly mounted; use of headphone (one ear) is permitted.
  • Handheld use is allowed ONLY if the vehicle is both stationary and not located in a public travel lane.
  • Handheld use is NOT allowed at red lights or stop signs

Drivers under 18 are not allowed to use any electronic devices. All phone use while driving is illegal, including use in hands-free mode.

In an Emergency:

Operators may use a cell phone to call 911 to report an emergency. If possible, safely pull over and stop before calling 911.

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